Our Corage Women

According to the article “Women’s Entrepreneurial Journeys” by Bank of American, during the last 50 years, the number and scope of women-owned businesses have risen at a virtually unprecedented rate. This historic expansion is due to the efforts of courageous women who have been willing to take the leap and become entrepreneurs, at times capitalizing on groundbreaking legislation specifically related to equality. Today, women are starting and growing their own businesses at record rates; they own an estimated 11.6 million businesses, employ nearly 9 million people and generate more than $1.7 trillion in annual revenues.1 Given what these numbers reveal about the economic growth and societal impact driven by women business owners”.

We want to dedicate some pages of La Voz de Mora, to the enterprising women of Mora County and for this edition we have interviewed Jenny Brizal-Radasa.  Jenny is one of the five (5) women who have decided to invest time, energy and money in an economic project designed to serve the community.  This is “Buena Vida Investor”, which works as a Local Grocery Store in the same facilities as “Los de Mora Growers Cooperative”, at 3268 Highway 518.

But what are Jenny Brizal-Radasas’ roots? Daughter of farmers, Juan Brizal and Enriqueta Martinez, born and raised in Buena Vista, NM and in Sapello, NM, respectively. Jenny grew up in the farming environment, went to college, and then served in the Navy. Since 2010 and as a veteran, she returned to Buena Vista and decided to devote herself to the work of agriculture following the tradition of her parents and Grandparents.

Jenny is the mother of three beautiful girls: Olivia, Urilla, and Emilia, who love country life and entertain themselves playing, help their mother, pick up the daily eggs that, by the way, sometimes get broken to the table and strawberries, which by of course only some are saved if they are not eaten by the girls when they are picked.  Jenny feels delighted that her daughters have the opportunity to share this tradition.

_ How was Buena Vida Investors born? – “Dedicated to planting vegetables and herbs, I became a member of” Los de Mora of Local Growers Cooperative. ” But seeing the need in the Mora community for a Grocery Store, we have decided to sell our products directly to the community, so we started this idea in November 2018. Since we are all volunteers, we have had to adjust our personal agendas and commit more time and energy to provide the service four (4) days a week and gradually meet the needs of our customers “.

_What is the main characteristic of Buena Vida Investors? “Our main objective is that we always sell products that are healthy for our customers. That is why we have two product lines, such as vegetables, eggs, and meat from our local producers, which are organic. And a complementary of products that we buy from other distributors. We want to educate the community to eat healthy food, because the best medicine is your food, your diet, and you can also buy small amounts of what you need instead of having to travel several miles out of town.

 Jenny Brizal-Radasa, an enterprising woman, daughter, mother, wife, and veteran, is proud to be part of this project, loves to serve her community customers, and like every small business, you can feel a warm friendly and family atmosphere to the local community.

Five (5) women are the main engine of this project, they will soon have a bakery and cafe operating in the same place, so, soon we will taste the delicious “Baked Cake Donuts” that is part of Jenny business project and in which her daughters are her inspiration, as they will offer three (3) varieties of donuts, each with the name of their girls.

We wish to Buena Vida Investors many successes in this venture and for sure the support of the community.

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