Positive Thoughts for 2020

Everyone know me by the unoriginal name of ” New Year” and I’ve been waiting a long time for that moment to meet you.

You’re going to create me! and you will bring me to life with your desires, projects, your thoughts and your actions. To this day, I have no shape, I am not an amazing year, but also not horrible, I am not bright or opaque, I will be as you want me to be!

My predecessor in 2019 is part of your past, keeping from the good memories, the experiences that made you stronger and all the learning’s acquired to apply them in me.

It took me a long time to get to you, you’ll soon use that agenda that will bear my name and I want you to grant me a privilege, to do me a favor, I want you to do me:

The Best Year of Your Life!

I want to be the year when, you dare to do more things, that you think, feel and act like what you are, more in great, more kindness, more gratitude, that you share your talents, capacities with greater generosity.

The year your mind, heart and body produce the best results, in a good, correct and honest way for your benefit and that of everyone.

The year when you give more love, affection and attention to yours, assume your essence, recognize who you are and love yourself more.

If I have achieved my purpose: I will live forever in you, because you will not forget how amazing our time together was!

Please enjoy me, enjoy me, use me to the fullest, fill me with experiences, have fun while we are together, I want to leave with the next December full of GOOD stuff and with the privilege of having been the best of EVERYTHING.

If I have achieved my purpose: I will live forever in you, because you will not forget how amazing our time together was!  

With love 2020.

We hope this positive thought be inspirational and a prediction for all Mora Community in this new Decade.

Welcome to La Voz de Mora

The first  hard copy of La Voz de Mora, was published in December 2013. Since its launch the goal of La Voz de Mora has been: INFORM, COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE, REFLECT AND share your OPINION on different issues, especially to rescue our roots, create identity by recognizing the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the people of Mora; propose actions to solve the things that affect our community and make constructive criticism without violence. We believe we are fulfilling this objective and we appreciate your support and  the feedback that many of yours have given us.

We believe that the main resource of the county of Mora is the human being and, for that reason, the philosophy that guides this publication is humanistic. Therefore, we do not care about your political affiliation, age, religion, race or gender. We are interested in the human being that you are, expressing yourself without violence in the present, forgiving the past without forgetting where you come from and looking with hope towards the future.

Volunteer Core Staff: 

Nancy E. Quintana, Gina Pacheco, Carla Gomez, Helen DeHerrera

Webmasters: Nancy E. Quintana and Richard Medina

La primera edición de La Voz de Mora se publicó en diciembre de 2013. Desde su lanzamiento, el objetivo de La Voz de Mora ha sido: INFORMAR, COMUNICAR, EDUCAR, REFLEXIONAR y compartir su OPINIÓN sobre diferentes temas, especialmente para rescatar nuestras raíces, crear Identidad reconociendo el Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural de la gente de Mora; Proponer acciones para resolver las cosas que afectan a nuestra comunidad y realizar críticas constructivas sin violencia. Creemos que estamos cumpliendo con este objetivo y apreciamos su apoyo y los comentarios que muchos de ustedes nos han enviado.

Creemos que el principal recurso del condado de Mora es el ser humano y, por esa razón, la filosofía que guía esta publicación es humanista. Por lo tanto, no nos importa su afiliación política, edad, religión, raza o género. Nos interesa el ser humano que eres, expresandose  sin violencia en el presente, perdonando el pasado sin olvidar de donde vienes y mirando con esperanza hacia el futuro.